How to Clip a Sensitive Horse

Clipping a sensitive horse

How to clip a sensitive horse

Clipping a sensitive-skinned horse can be very problematic: irritated, itchy skin which can then lead to bald spots from simple things like tacks and rugs, and can even cause hives!

It’s difficult if your horse is in any kind of work as wet, sweaty, griming winter coats can cause even worst skin conditions for your horse.

I had all of this with Giovanni, if you’ve read/watched any of our other blogs you will know G is sensitive to anything and everything! When it came to clipping, I’d already had him for about 6 months so I knew I needed to come up with a plan of how to successfully clip without all the drama. I also wanted him to look nice, because how frustrating is that fresh, post-clip DULLNESS?! I hate it! You spend hours and hour clipping, and your horse looks like you’ve turned down the colour dial!


I’m happy to tell you all that I’ve found what works for Giovanni (AKA the most sensitive horse in the world), I can clip him with no irritations and he looks instantly shiny! Anyone else I know that’s followed this routine has also had the exact same outcome!


Okay, this isn’t “necessary” for a clip but SKIN TONIC! Put your horse on this, sensitive or not, and it will transform their skin, coat and mane/tail! Super shine, super soft, brighter colour and extra dapples! But aside from all the beauty benefits, SKIN TONIC actually helps to soothe the skin from the inside making it less reactive in the first place.



The day before the clip, give your horse a good bath. The cleaner their coat is, the easier the blades will be able to get through. It will be nicer for your horse, and easier for you! If bathing isn’t practical for you then a good brush and a really hot (and rigorous) hot cloth.



Use a spa-grade treatment oil as clipper oil such as BEAUTIFY OIL. Ok, it’s not going to be the cheapest “clipper oil” but is it worth your horse not getting a reaction? You will be treating the skin and hairs as you clip for an instantly shiny & bright coat!

Say goodbye to itchy, dull post-clips coats and HELLO to non-reactive, beaming shine.

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