Crystal - How we grew Crystal's coat (ringworm scars) back in 3 weeks.


How can I grow my horse's coat back?

With incredible blood lines, Crystal was born to be a future star of the show-jumping world.

Like a lot of young horses, she contracted ringworm whilst out in the field. Not too unusual, most horses get ringworm at some point in their lives but for Crystal, it left really horrible scarring on her face. Being an incredibly pretty grey, this was such a shame.

When we were shown Crystal's face, we have to be honest... we weren't entirely sure we were going to be able to help as the scars had that shiny 'plastic bag' like texture to them. Usually a sign of the follicles being completely dead.

However, we persisted with a plan and we are incredibly proud of the results.

Picture taken January 1st 2022

Treatment plan

This was to get the skin as healthy as possible before we started the hair growth treatment. Even though her ringworm had completely cleared up, it had inevitably compromised the health of the skin even superficially.


Followed by:

After the skin had been returned to peak condition, we started with the hair growth treatment. Just one application per day.


Picture taken 27th January

These results are of Crystal after only 3 weeks of treatment.

Crystal did not need any further treatment, but if she did, REGROW can be used continuously until the coat has fully grown back.

REGROW can be used on any part of the horse's coat, mane and tail.

Please avoid the eye area and any open wounds.

What we used...

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