Giovanni - How we healed and grew G's tail back in 4 weeks.


How can I grow my horse's tail?

How frustrating is it when your horse rubs his tail off? But in all fairness to G, this happened whilst travelling and he is a full up 16.3 traditional warmblood type (he's a big boy) and he likes to steady himself in the box by sitting back on his bum!!

It was only a short trip, maybe a 45-minute journey and he was wearing a tail guard. He now only travels with a tail guard, bandage AND a pillow over his butt (yes, he's a prince)!

As you can see in the picture, not only did he rub his tail off, but he also rubbed a good few layers of skin off so it was raw, inflamed and sore!

Picture taken May 28th 2021

Treatment plan

Twice weekly BEAUTIFY application to the entire tail.





  • Day 7 - 9 By this time, his skin was healed. It was still a little pink in places but I was desperate to start the regrowth treatment so I carefully applied COLLAGEN & KELP to the pink bits and then started using REGROW on the rest of the area.


  • Day 10 - 28 All the skin was healed so I began to ramp up the hair growth using REGROW on the entire area daily.


Video taken June 30th 2021

Giovanni's results are after 4 weeks. You can see the hair is short on top still but we had a good couple of inches growth.

REGROW can be used on any part of the horse's coat, mane and tail. Please avoid the eye area and any open wounds.


What we used...

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