FLYNN - Rest and rehabilitation weaning off ACP


How to rest a hot-horse and wean off ACP

Flynn is a 12yr KWPN by Numero Uno, he had a bit of a tricky start and is very sensitive to new people (especially men) he can be really sharp and becomes quite anxious easily.

He’s a dressage horse competing at Advanced Medium before his injury he was training PSG ready to go Advanced!

A month ago he was diagnosed with a tear to his medial collateral ligament of his left stifle. He didn’t need box rest but he did need reduced work mainly straight lines on a firmer surface with the first. 3 weeks being walk only. This obviously meant the school wasn’t the ideal place!

Flynn is notoriously difficult to hack! He gets really anxious and wound up and becomes quite dangerous. When he was rehabbed for a tendon injury 2 years ago he had to be ridden routinely on 4/5ml of ACP and the majority of the time this wasn’t enough to hack we would still have to go in the school! I was determined this time wound to not spend 3 months doing laps of the school!

Following recommendations from our vet, we put Flynn onto the Buck Off supplement, he is on the higher dose twice daily, but he’s had his ACP dose reduced to only 2ml an hour before riding with the hope that the more work he can do out hacking, the less ACP he will need!

I’m seriously impressed that the horse that could hack on 5ml without becoming super anxious is now happily hacking with less than half that dose with the help of Buck off!

He’s still himself and he’s still a spicy sausage but he’s so much happier and calmer! I’m really hoping that we can get him off the ACP fully and solely on the Buck Off and once his rehabs over and he’s back in work he can continue happily hacking!

UPDATE ON FLYNN - one month after writing this blog!

We have just had our first hack out without any ACP and he was so chilled!! To say I am thrilled is an understatment! He's now solely on BUCK OFF at 30ml per day. This product has literally saved my horse!


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