Herbie - How we gave Herbie that NAKED HORSE Glow-UP


How do I get my horse the ultimate shiny coat?

When we bought Herbie back in 2020, I wouldn't say he was in bad condition but he definitely wasn't at his best. Herbie had, and still has, multiple health issues but we can talk about that in another blog.

Today we're talking about how we achieved his GLOW UP. That unmistakable 'NAKED HORSE Glow' isn't a one time deal. YES, you will see great, satisfying results after one go but these results are accumulative as they're making your horse more healthy. The more you do it, the more healthy they become and the better the results are. You will start noticing that GLOW even when they're not groomed, just because they're THAT healthy!

I feel genuniely sad when I look at Herbie's 'before' pictures as you can see how sad he is! :( Don't worry thou folks, you'll see further on how healthy and happy he is now at the grand age of 18!

Pictures taken around August 2020 immediately after we purchased him.

Treatment plan

Of course we addressed Herbie's nutrition which we will talk about in another blog but for today, it's about how we created his outter GLOW UP.


First picture taken in August 2020.


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What we used...

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