Giovanni - How we healed his cut leg with minimal scarring


How to heal your horse's cut leg and prevent scarring


How do you say "accident-prone" in a cute way? Giovanni is probably one of THE most accident prone horses. I can laugh about it now but this particular incident was horrific.

Long-story-short, we were riding in the school and G decided to jump and scrap his leg down the side of the area. Thankfully his tendon boots took most of the damage but he still managed to create a horror scene. When I say blood was squirting out... it was like someone was pumping a full bottle of ketchup! I didn't know whether to cry or faint... when it's your own, you just can't see straight with panic & fear!

Luckily I had lots of helpful people around me who didn't get weepy at the blood.

We immediately cold hosed the area for a good 20 minutes as infection can do way more damage than the wound itself. We needed to ensure there was no sand, dirt or any other debris in there.

Our vet arrived pretty quick, gave G some drugs and sewed him up very neatly. This was then bandaged for a full week.

After this week, the stitches were out and our vet gave me some strong antibiotic cream for 3 days.

After those 3 days, it was time for us to start the cosmetic side.

Picture taken October 5th 2021

Treatment plan

I knew I need this to heal quickly, not only because I wanted to get back riding but also, the quicker and more effectively it's healed, the less likely it is to scar.

For the next 3 weeks, daily, I dabbed with warm water, antibacterial wash and a clean cloth. Then I applied a really good barrier layer of COLLAGEN & KELP Repairing Body Fondant to help fight bacteria, rid the inflammation and speed up the healing process, therefore, reducing the risk of scarring.


Picture & video taken November 10th 2021

Giovanni's results are after just 5 weeks.

In G's case, we did not need to use REGROW as the hair grew back nicely from Collagen & Kelp, but if you've got a stubborn hair loss issue, we would recommend using that after everything has completely healed.


What we used...

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