Lily - How we got rid of her Sweet Itch and grew back her tail.


How to treat Sweet Itch and grow back your horses tail

Poor Lily really got a horrible case of Sweet Itch. As you can see, nearly the entire dock of her was bald!

The before picture was actually taken a few days after we started treatment (we forgot, oops), before this it was even more sore, raw and irritated.

Treatment plan

  • Daily - We spritzed SUMMER PERFECT over her dock and over her entire body to repell any bugs/mites, kill any that may be lurking and also to create a bit of a barrier against all enviromental aggressors.
  • Daily - We applied a generous layer of COLLAGEN & KELP Body Repairing Fondant. This was to help with imflammation, to fight bacteria, calm and soothe the skin, and, to start the skin healing process.

Once the skin was healthy, we started to applied REGROW Clinically Proven Hair Regrowth Treatment once per day to the bald patch. We kept up using SUMMER PERFECT and COLLAGEN & KELP also, here's the order we recommend using them in.

  1. SUMMER PERFECT Body Spray, spritzed all over.
  2. REGROW applied to targetted areas.
  3. COLLAGEN & KELP Repairing Body Fondant.



Lily's results were achieved in only 8 weeks! We were so pleased we were able to help her.


What we used...

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