Princess - How we dealt with her severe ringworm scarring


Princess was and is, one is the prettiest youngsters you will ever meet with a personality to match. She is such a sweetie and LOVES cuddles!

When her face blew up with ringworm, everyone was worried for her. We know that it's only superficial but as you can see from the pictures, it really did impact her face!

She had an aggressive patch over her eye and then more further down her face.

Picture taken December 15th 2021

Treatment plan

First, we needed to treat the ringworm.

We started supplementing her with our 100% Immunity Body Tonic to help her body fight off the fungal infection from within.

  • Daily - Spritzed STAY PERFECT over her entire body to stop the spread of the ringworm.
  • Daily - We squirted STAY PERFECT onto a clean cloth and carefully dabbed it over the entire infected area.
  • Daily - We applied COLLAGEN & KELP Repairing Body Fondant over the entire infected area, not only to kill the fungus but to also start the healing process.

Once the ringworm was not active anymore, we carried on with STAY PERFECT as part of her daily routine. We also carried on applying COLLAGEN & KELP to the area until the skin was looking healthy.

Once it was healthy, we applied REGROW Clinically Proven Hair Regrowth Treatment once per day to the bald patches.


Picture taken January 14th 2022

These results were achieved in only 4 weeks!



What we used...

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