Star - How we cured Star's severe hair loss and gave her a Glow-UP


When Cassie first showed us Star she was really suffering with her skin. It had gotten so reactive that even 'skin-friendly' rugs and pads that were supposed to protect her from rubs were actually causing them too.

At their worst, Star's bald patches probably covered about 60-70% of her entire body. Some were that bad that they were cracking and bleeding. This was especially apparent around her chest and where riders boots went (this was without spurs and with a protective belly band).

Star's condition, even though it looked awful, was actually really simple when you think about it logically from a 'skin' prospective. Forget about the coat, and focus on the skin....It was dry, it was unhealthy and this made it reactive.

The best example I can give in human terms is to think about when you get dry hands. This can be from washing your hands with a harsh soap, or even from the weather change. At first it's not too bad, but if you don't nurse them back to health with a good hand cream, normal tasks start to irritate them further. The more you do, the worse they get until they eventually start to crack and bleed. Now usually, us humans, we don't let it get anywhere near that point. As soon as we feel that our hands are getting dry, we use a hand cream to avoid the problem.

This was all that was wrong with Star. She didn't have a disease or a skin issue as such, she just needed some TLC to get her skin back to being healthy.

All pictures where taken August 14th 2021

Treatment plan


Full SPA SERVICE twice per week

On the in-between days:

  • DAILY - COLLAGEN & KELP Repairing Body Fondant on the cracked and sore skin.
  • DAILY - BEAUTIFY Hair & Body Oil used as a spot treatment on the areas that were causing friction. This not only defuses any friction but is also encouraging hair growth.
  • DAILY - STAY PERFECT Original spritzed all over.


Pictures taken September 15th 2021


These results were achieved in only 4 weeks!

Star was able to compete at HOYS with a full and very shiny coat.

In Star's case, we did not need to use REGROW, but if you've got a stubborn hair loss issue, we would recommend using that.

Check out our 'how to' SPA SERVICE videos here.

SPA SERVICE can, and should, be enjoyed by any and all horses and ponies. #spoiltAF


What we used...

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