G - How we healed his hind leg cut with minimal scarring


How to heal your horse's cut leg and prevent scarring


Fortunately / unfortunately Giovanni gives us LOTS of opportunity for gruesome before and afters!!! Every, single, day I contemplate wrapping him from head to toe in bubble wrap. I even try sweet talking him to "not produce another vet bill" each and every time I get on!! this time G performed a trick he most likely could never duplicate again. In what seemed to be a very minor tantrum, he kicked out with a single hind leg and managed to fling his leg over the menage fence meaning we were then stuck straddling the fence!

After we got free, the after math was the gruesome pictures below.

We immediately cold hosed the area for a good 20 minutes as infection can do way more damage than the wound itself. We needed to ensure there was no sand, dirt or any other debris in there.

Our vet arrived pretty quick, gave G some drugs and sewed him up very neatly leaving some antibiotic cream for the following week.

After this week, the stitches were out and our vet gave me some strong antibiotic cream for 3 days.

After this week, it was time for us to start the cosmetic side.

Picture taken December 31st 2021

Treatment plan

I knew I need this to heal quickly, not only because I wanted to get back riding but also, the quicker and more effectively it's healed, the less likely it is to scar.

For the next 5 weeks, daily, I dabbed with warm water, antibacterial wash and a clean cloth. Then I applied a really good barrier layer of COLLAGEN & KELP Repairing Body Fondant to help fight bacteria, rid the inflammation and speed up the healing process, therefore, reducing the risk of scarring.


Picture taken February 14th 2022

Giovanni's results are after just 6 weeks.

In G's case, we did not need to use REGROW as the hair grew back nicely from Collagen & Kelp, but if you've got a stubborn hair loss issue, we would recommend using that after everything has completely healed. If you look closely at the 'after' picture, you can actually see where the hair has grown more where COLLAGEN & KELP was applied!

What we used...

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